Goalles Draw against Villa is the end of the world?

by shearyadi | August 18, 2007 3:27 pm

Ask yourself, do you follow the Toon just for silverwares or you are in love and feels belong to the club?

From an eye witness, some Toon fans are leaving the stadium just before the final whistle, I don’t think that is the signs of real Toon Army. Where is your support? Are you singing out loud when the Lads need it the most?

I think all the lads on the field wanted to win it for us the fans, they are (including Viduka, although he looks not in the mood) but he also creates several chances and open the Villa’s defensive wall for Milner, and others to get inside.

I don’t think each one of the lads are happy with the result, they are must be as disappointed as anyone of us, Sam Allardyce is clearly showing how angry he is, but it’s just one of those days, the days we are too often see it for long-long time.

Goalles draw doesn’t means the end of the world for Newcastle, every team ever have the same result, but the show must go on and the lads will continue fighting until the fat lady sing next summer.

Not agree with me? You are free to post your comment, and I’d like to know your feeling about today’s match.

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