Geordies Are All in the Bad Mood, Including This Blog

March 14 12:49 2008 Print This Article

Although we’re not afraid of relegation, the situation we are in now is such a pain in the arse and it does affecting badly to everyone who is born and breed Geordie.

The fact is, I’m not one of “Real Geordies” but I’m still feeling that I was born in the wrong place, and so I do feel hurt to see the team that I support is in great danger. So I’m sorry to my friend Max from British Speak to have confused of some words on a post in this blog couple days ago.

And to add more salt in the wound, I just notice today that my blog google page ranking disappeared from PR 3 into zero, ah shite! Do I must regret it? Not a chance, I don’t care about page ranking, this is not the blog about money making so page ranking is not important to me.

But, I may have something for my entrecard friends who still fighting to get rich from blogging. I have another bad experience with a site who sell links to your blog and give you revenues from it. LinkWorth has owe me $42 for two months of payment that I didn’t received since last February!

When I ask their customer service today, he/she said that I didn’t reach the minimum payment so I didn’t get paid. The fact is, the minimum payment for my account is just $25, a big applause to LinkWorth customer service!

Want to know more? Ok, this is another proof that you have to stick with entrecard no matter what and keep dropping your card on this blog 🙂 Yesterday I have try to sign up with spottt, and they instantly approve my blog and so I add their code into this blog sidebar, you know what next?

Then I have another email from them saying that my blog spottt account is now rejected because I didn’t add the code above the fold! What a week for me, so I didn’t think twice but immediately delete their code, who cares anyway!

And the final words, Eeeh man, ahm gannin te the booza!

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  1. Michael
    March 16, 10:13 #1 Michael

    Well, PR controls what position you appear on the search results page, though.

  2. shearyadi
    March 16, 11:53 #2 shearyadi Author

    Hi Mike, thanks for the info. So, you mean that without PR my blog is having bad position on google search results page? I have my blog appears on page #1 for keywords newcastle united fc and page #2 or #3 with newcastle united keywords…

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