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Game Review

Newcastle United 0 vs Chelsea 2, Smith Out This Weekend 4

This is nothing to do with helping or not helping the other team to win the title this season, and I can accept the defeat as long as we have

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West Ham vs Newcastle United 2-2 implausibledraw 2

Fortunate Newcastle United avoided the frist defeat in Keegan’s last seven matches at the hands of West Ham, in a day where we were once again the poor side for

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Spurs (1) vs Newcastle United (4) Post Match Review 0

Magpies Zone welcoming Citizen Vain, my new Toon friend from the internet and his first article for my blog. I meet this lad from one of social networking site and

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Liverpool vs Newcastle, Want To Know What Happened? 4

Disappointed? YES! Feeling Hurt? DEFINETELY! Have anything to hope for from our current team squad? Maybe YES, maybe NOT. Honestly, I didn’t expecting us to win the game today and

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Manchester United 6 (0) – Newcastle United 0 (0) – Postmortem 4

When two United with different class meet last night, the only possible result was another heavy defeat for one of them, and without have to think hard it was for

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