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Game Review

Newcastle United vs Portsmouth – Postmortem 2

Humiliated, disgusting, mismanaged, and more other bad words for Newcastle United appearance today. I was used to be calm wahtever the result is, but definetely not today. This is for

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Who did What Against Reading 0

This one came form the very old and still the best forum yet over the internet. If you are the genuine Toon Army, you should be there instead of any

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Newcastle United vs Spurs, Post-Match Reviews 1

What kind of passion that brings you in to become a Toon fans? What is the more important thing for you as a Toon Army, the team perform attacking football

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Martins Says Sorry for Newcastle’s Carling Cup Exit 0

Obafemi Martins officially announced how sorry he is for his misses against Arsenal on last Tuesday Newcastle’s Carling Cup exit. He feels embarrased for three chances he has but failed

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Newcastle Last Game against Arsenal 0

A Reflection from Indonesian Toon Army Newcastle United have been learn alot from Arsenal last night. Not because we are the bad side, but we must admit that Arsenal has

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