Foxy Bingo Withdrawals & Deposit: A Comprehensive Guide

Foxy Bingo Withdrawals & Deposit: A Comprehensive Guide
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Whether you're a bingo pro or not, playing on Foxy Bingo is easy. So you've registered on the site, got your bonus offer amount – now you want to start playing. How do Foxy Bingo withdrawals and deposits work online? We're going to outline all the fine print for you here. 

Step by Step Guide for Payment on Foxy Bingo

How to do a Foxy Bingo Deposit

  1. Login to the site using your preselected email address and password.
  2. To make a Foxy Bingo deposit, go to the left-hand corner of the site and click DEPOSIT.
  3. You cash balance and total bonus balance will be shown underneath this button.
  4. A pop-up window will appear, with several deposit options.
  5. Click your prefered Foxy Bingo deposit method and deposit a minimum of £5.

Foxy Bingo Deposit

How to do a Foxy Bingo Withdrawal

  1. Login to the site using your preselected email address and password.
  2. To make a Foxy Bingo withdrawal, go to the left-hand corner of the site and click DEPOSIT.
  3. A pop-up window will appear, with several withdrawal options.
  4. Choose your prefered withdrawal method.
  5. You can only withdraw when your balance is the sum of at least £30.

Foxy Bingo Payment Methods

Now we've detailed how Foxy Bingo withdrawals and deposits work on the site, let's get down to specifics. Which payment methods can you use?

When it comes to depositing, you can use following deposit methods:

  • Credit / Debit Card
  • Neteller
  • Wire Transfer (the site offers its payment details for you to do this)
  • PayPal
  • Entropay
  • Paysafecard
  • Ukash

The pop-up window where you choose the payment method

You can also make deposits and withdrawals by phone. Players living in the UK can call for free on 0800 279 4501. Players outside of the UK can also call for free on +44 0800 279 4501.

Here are the minimum and maximum withdrawals, and process times as per each payment method.

Withdrawal Method Min/Max Withdrawals & Deposits Withdrawal Process Time Withdrawal Completion Time
 Credit/Debit Cards £10 / £10,000 (daily) 48 hours  5 days
 Mastercard (UK Only)  £10 / £10,000 (daily)  48 hours 3-5 days
 Wire Transfer  £10 / £10,000 (daily)  48 hours 4-7 days
 PayPal £10 / £10,000 (daily)  48 hours 2-3 days

The table notes the maximum you can deposit and withdraw per day, but these limits can be changed. You can request up to ten withdrawals per day, but this is at the discretion of the operator. For big winners, the Foxy Bingo withdrawal limit is £25,000 and up to £100,000 per month. The same amounts apply to Foxy Bingo deposits.

Be mindful that none of these limits are set in stone, the operator can change them at any time.

Note: each player can only register up to 5 payment methods.

F.A.Qs – Your Questions Answered

1. What are the fees of transfer (for deposit & withdrawal)? Are there any?

Foxy Bingo deposits and withdrawals don't incur any fees from the operator. Any payments made via the operator will be shown on your bank statements as Brigend Ltd & Cassava Ltd. This is the company that operates the games on Foxy Bingo.

2. How does the “proof of identity” process work?

When you register a new credit card the operator will ask you to supply documents to prove the card belongs to you. The verification process of proof of identity is simple. Foxy Bingo policy states that you have to have a valid form of identity before the payment method is validated and you can withdraw funds.

These include the following: photographic ID (passport, driver's licence), credit cards (depending on which type of payment method you use), or proof of address (utility or credit card statement). Before being able to deposit or withdraw, you'll have to sign up to the site first. If you're a new member, you can sign up using a Foxy Bingo promo code.


This is how you can upload your PII documents for verfication

3. What are the minimum deposit/withdrawal and can they be adapted?

The minimum and maximum deposit and withdrawals are listed in the table above. As mentioned, you can adjust these in conjunction with the site. Your number of withdrawals are limited to 10 per day.

4. What's the time of transfer for both Foxy Bingo deposit and withdrawals?

The transfer time for both process is relatively similar. Foxy Bingo withdrawals take up to 48 hours to be processed, while the full completion time can take anywhere between two and seven days.

5. How to cancel a withdrawal?

You can cancel a Foxy Bingo withdrawal at any time right from your account. Simply go to DEPOSITS, and click on the REVERSE button. From here you'll be able to cancel any pending transactions before they are completed. Given that all the Foxy Bingo withdrawal process for every payment type is 48 hours, you should have plenty of time to cancel anything you don't want to do.

6. Which currencies are available on the site?

All the payment methods listed above are available in all currencies. This makes it possible for Foxy Bingo fans worldwide to enjoy playing on the site.

7. Do all the methods listed above apply to international transfers? 

Foxy Bingo withdrawals and deposits operate on a global level, and you can use all these payment methods to complete a transaction. Players living outside of the European Union might have to transfer their PII (personal identifiable information) in order to process such requests. If you use Foxy Bingo while travelling, you therefore agree to your PII being shared to any servers hosted by the operator outside of the European Union. While data protection might not be as easily understood from one country to another, Foxy Bingo promises to maintain a similar level of protection to your personal information.

Customer Service Rating: 4/5

Dealing with payment queries online can often be stressful. If you have any problems negotiating Foxy Bingo withdrawals and deposits you can get in touch with the operator in several ways.

The speediest seems to be via telephone. You can call the customer services number (0800 279 4501) for free between 6am to 11pm every day of the week.

If you'd prefer to contact by email you can on but given the response time is 48 hours this is only best for a problem that isn't really urgent.

If you run into trouble while you're processing on payment on Foxy Bingo, you can chat to a member of the customer service team immediately via Live Chat. This useful service is on hand directly within the pop-up box from between 6am – 11pm.

We at Magpieszone think the customer service is pretty good, but to get 5 out of 5 Foxy Bingo should make their Live Chat 24 hours which is what we're used to seeing from other operators.

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