Enough to act like you know the game better!

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It was worrying when Sam Allardyce first arrived because many Toon fans (myself included) feared we could become a ‘long ball’ team. Even more so last week when he said “defenders should never be creative”. Now that DID worry me.

Many Toon Fans? Is there any voting ever made about Allardyce tactic, and the results are coming from all Toon Army worldwide, or is it just “Personal Opinion”?

I didn’t see anything wrong with Sam’s tactic, and I think he has done great with his game plan. I don’t think we, as a Toon Army, have the right to judge any managers’ tactic as wrong or not in the shape of what that NuMad called a 21st century tactic.

Howay, we are just playing two games and it’s very too early to make any judgement or to worry about Allardyce tactic. I wonder what that lad would say on his article if we beat Villa with that so called “long ball” and “defenders ‘that’ should never be creative”.

Brazil won the World Cup in 1970 with the most creative defence anyone had ever seen, and that was 37 years ago! And onto the 1980’s Liverpool had major success with one of OUR old players, Alan Kennedy. A full-back who was arguably the best winger of his day.

Ths is also makes me laugh. 1970? Now look how is the Brazilian side in the 21st century, are they still playing like what they did 37 years ago? Did they won the last World Cup when the French side have a free-kick, and there’s no enough Brazilian defenders around to cover Thierry Henry so he can easily scores the goal.

Open your eyes. The 21st Century tactic needs more organized team that know what their duty is and don’t act like they know everything.

Success is built on defenders who can create; a strong spine; and someone with the ability to put the ball in the back of the net.

Give me a break, man…success is built on defenders??? Then we don’t need any midfielders and strikers, if we have defenders who can create and put the ball in the back of the net, do we? For me, Success is built on defenders who can defend well, midfielders who can “create” the chances, and strikers who can finish the ball. That’s it!

So why should defenders just kill the game? They are footballers, like anyone else on the pitch, so what was wrong with Micha Richards providing Frank Lampard with the killer pass on Wednesday at Wembley.

Did Sam said that Toon Defenders don’t allowed to go up when there’s the chance to do so? I think Big Sam is only said that any defenders should know what their prime duty is and don’t think about scoring the goal or make a great pass that goes into a goal. He said he signed cacapa because he is a destroyer to opponents attack, and that is what Big Sam wants from him, which I see nothing wrong with that.

Sam only want all his players to know exactly what he wants each game, and they have been trained to do what they can do best, and if at the end they also can create or scores the goal, that is a bonus! But first they must secured their area first, that is the main duty of any defenders, not less.

At last, there’s useless if we can scores many goals but we also conceded even more goals, from a defenders that are very creative in attack but forget about his main duty, am I right?

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