Dyer soon to leave, do you have any good memories of him?

August 16 03:36 2007 Print This Article

Some media yesterday have the news about the Hammers will make a second movement to lure Dyer out from Toon. The new accepted offer for Dyer is to be believe around £7m. The move will re-united Dyer with Scott Parker.

Dyer, for many Toon Army, have done a little for the club since his transfer from Ipswich Town in a “Not so” Sexy Football era. At the first sight, he looks very promising, and for me his goal against Everton was a magnificent one. He drives the ball from midfield and after dribbling pass several defenders, he lashes a great strike into the goalkeeper’s net.

Since that, after having too many injuries, Dyer become an ordinary football player, except for his pace, his behaviour was not so brilliant, in and off the field. The incident that involving him and another “trouble maker” Lee Bowyer was totally un-acceptable and very un-professional one. Not to mention his “Disciplinary Problems”

In August 2004 Dyer received a public caution from the Club’s management after he was filmed urinating in public. This followed on from Dyer being named in connection with a criminal investigation in October 2003 into the gang rape of a 17 year old girl at the Grosvenor Hotel where Dyer was also staying. He also memorably crashed his Ferrari into a bridge stanchion in the middle of Newcastle.

On April 2 2005, Dyer was involved in an on-pitch brawl with fellow teammate Lee Bowyer in Newcastle United’s Premiership match with Aston Villa. This resulted in Dyer receiving a red card for that particular game plus a further three game ban. Bowyer received a more severe punishment of a four game ban and a fine of more than £200,000 – approximately six weeks wages – as it was adjudged that he had attacked Dyer.

On 24 May 2006, Dyer was arrested and released on police bail in connection with an allegation of indecent exposure made by a female member of staff at a Swallow Hotel in Norwich on 30 April. Dyer later denied the allegations.

Today seems that he is finally move and can solve his “family” problems while my personal thought is he was the “real problem” is. And as long as I can remember, he has one good memory left on me, how about you, do you have any good memories of him during his time with the Toon? Comments are welcome!

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  1. Rangga
    August 16, 04:51 #1 Rangga

    dyer kicked out?


  2. Andrias
    August 16, 05:06 #2 Andrias

    Hooray!! One less rotten wood off the book. Freed up 80k per week too!
    Sure Dyer has got the talent, but talent is useless on sickbed.

  3. Marda
    August 16, 05:14 #3 Marda

    Too inconsistent, too high wages, too soft, wont miss him.

  4. mado
    August 16, 08:56 #4 mado

    dunno way,but i think,i dont miss him so much..
    let him go??i think it’s better than let him stay,but his heart located in other place..that’s really2 suck!
    we dont need player who dont have his heart for the black n white..
    so,get badder dyer!!

  5. bli wedhooz
    August 17, 02:57 #5 bli wedhooz

    Good bye Dyer, im gonna miss u……. NOT

  6. bimohuntington
    August 19, 01:29 #6 bimohuntington

    Bye2 dyer.. u joint with bowyer again..
    do u want fight again?? hehe..


  7. Mono
    August 20, 01:20 #7 Mono

    If this is 99-01 season surely I will miss you.. but after seeing the last 4 years.. All i have to say is.. “bye bye”

  8. mado23
    August 20, 07:35 #8 mado23

    so bye2…^^

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