Does He Really Care About Newcastle United?

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This is not about Sam Allardyce, I’m talking about the England’s Michael Owen. He is now still working on to get the full recovery from his latest injury while playing for an “important” match for England under Steve mcClaren against Austria, just five days before the “less important” and “easy to win” Croatian match.

At least they have flying to Austria and play against one of the Euro 2008 hosts, so they can take it as part of their participation on the next summer European Football festival.

About Michael Owen, I have trying to look for any news about his reaction for our last weekend loss against Liverpool, strange it is, I can’t find any. But, he (Owen) have a bullshit about making a comment against the Croatian team. His statement is totally out of context.

“I don’t think any of the Croatian team would get into our team,” he said. “Doesn’t that tell you it’s not about ability or technique but in the mind?”

Well, the England team were again drawn in the same group as Croatia, along with Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Andorra and Belarus, for the 2010 World Cup qualifiers.

In response to what Owen said about his team, Bilic said: “There’s a bit of arrogance when we see words like ‘No player from the Croatia team would play for England’ – that is simply not true.”

Well, I think Owen should have not making that such statement for a team who has beat the England team home and away on their last Euro campaigns. He should have think about how to avoid another injury and give his best for Newcastle United.

In fact, if someone come with an offer to take him out from Tyneside, I don’t think either Sam Allardyce or Chris Mort will hold him at the club. So, if the new Wigan boss Steve Bruce keen to proposed any transfer for him in January, we will let him go.

The Journal is reporting Wigan new boss have prepare to make a bid for Owen in January and will offering Newcastle United a £16m for the England striker. I would say you should take it Sam and buy more of ‘quality’ in January.

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  1. toon_mad
    November 28, 10:06 #1 toon_mad

    he is always injured until england are playing he is magically fixed.


    owen out, defo defo keep oba martins…berbatov in (didnt he wear the god no.9 shearer shirt in bed when he was a kid??)

    emre – out
    duff – he is good, but another who is always injured
    barton – out
    carr – out
    cacapa..still not convinvced especially from the pompey match, i would drop him after that

    sam should look at a player called Andres D’allasandro (think pompey loaned him a few year back for 3months or so). hes world class attacking midfielder (argentinian, 27 i think).

    Defense i would not know where to start, its been the achilles heel for what seems like forever, and i think sam could start by giving young ramage a few games, a good asset to the team.

    wouldnt it be good if you could send transfer requests to the manager?

  2. Eddy
    November 28, 11:05 #2 Eddy

    Well, I think we can keep Emre for at least another season. Agree about Carr and…Owen. Those two can go if Newcastle have better offers for them.

    About Jeoy, are you sure he must go? I think we haven’t seen the real him this season, this is his first year with Toon and it’s normal if he must make adapt to the new club style of play, not to mentione we also have a new manager.

    I’m a bit calm now, and we should stick together for the team.

    Howay the Lads!!!

  3. toon_mad
    November 28, 15:58 #3 toon_mad

    joey is an attacking midfielder, yes he likes to get stuck in but i feel he is just a dirty dirty player who will just mix things up (imagine if he were on the team when dyer/bowyer were!)

    as you say eddy, see how it goes and hope he does well, i just feel he is a really dirty player which a team should have with in reason, he is just up there with the dirtiest

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