Do We Really Care About The Entertainers?

by shearyadi | February 21, 2008 11:59 am

Alright, this one is very interesting and I was wondering myself who was started to call us the entertainers at first place. I don’t think it was one of the Toon Army who called Newcastle United as the Entertainers, and if it actually the truth, I would love to contact him or her to do an interview with.

And if today, there’s an article of Sir Les Ferdinand being interviewed and he told that the supporters should forget about the term of Entertainers, I think the point of the article is no more than an old story that the press love to digg it out again and again.

Quoted from that interview, Sir Les told them, “The game will always be the same but really for Newcastle now they have to forget about the Entertainers.”

“Whenever I talk to people about Newcastle the conversation always starts the same way and that is talking about Kevin Keegan’s team of that era.” He added more, “The current players have to grasp this new opportunity to make heroes of themselves just like we did back then.”

“It’s in their hands now and they have to find the confidence to first get out of the dogfight they are in and then build for better days ahead.”

Well honestly, if you ask, let’s say 1,000 Toon supporters about the Entertainers stuff they would have a laugh at it. I don’t think many of Newcastle supporters are really care about the Entertainers, to them it’s only an idiom that the press created for Newcastle United.

For us there’s no such Entertainers, there’s only one the Toon, the Magpies and we love to see great attacking football. One thing, I guess we’re more into the other nickname that the press created for United, which is the Cavaliers, mounted soldiers, the Toon Army. That is what the real Newcastle United are.

We attack, and we will never stop doing it until we scores! That’s the Mighty Magpies, we love to roar, and that is what we want from Newcastle United…next season, we want the Cavaliers back!

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