Chris Mort Knows How To Manage A Football Team

by shearyadi | November 27, 2007 6:49 am

I have write on my previous article about the statement from Newcastle United chairman Chris Mort, whether there would be money to spend in the new year or not, and the answer is clearly no.

From an interview with SkySports, Chris Mort say “We’ve got an experienced manager and he’s clearly having a tough time at the moment but he’s an experienced guy who will hopefully bring the team through,”

“We need our team performing as a unit. I don’t think adding new players will necessarily sort that out. Sam is working hard with the coaching staff to get the current squad working together.” Mort added moore.

Very interesting speech from a man who was recently being under critism as not knowing anything about football. In fact, with his statement, it’s clear enough that he knows how to run a football team.

Mort, who recently stressed the importance of longevity, did express clearer to have his support for Allardyce on the club’s website and, and he guaranteed that Allardyce will still retained the sports retail tycoon Ashley’s backing.

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