Chris Mort in Shocking Inconsistent and Inaccurate Football Knowledge

March 18 12:27 2008 Print This Article

After watching Newcastle side get a vital away point at St. Andrew’s yesterday, United chairman Chris Mort is admitted that He and Mike Ashley were surprised by our relegation dogfight and said it was the last thing on their minds when they took over the club last summer.

I told you both, I was also as surprise as you two about the very poor season we’re in this year. This is the worst season we ever had in the last Toon’s decade of decadence.

Quote from the Shields Gazette, Mort also grown frustrated with the constant speculation around Kevin Keegan’s position so soon into his second tenure, He knows Newcastle are a long way from guaranteeing their top-flight status for another season, and staving off the threat of what would be a catastrophic relegation.

The fact is that without any sufficient back-up ammount of money available for both former manager and Keegan to penetrate the transfer windows, even Jose Mourinho will not guaranteed anything for them. When Keegan returned to St James’ Park in January and the transfer window closed without any new players coming in, Keegan was later saying that he could not offer any guarantees about the club’s survival.

From The Guardian, I found it funny when they write about a popular theory that Mike Ashley is went for Keegan simply because most of the fans he spoke to wanted him back, in which the Toon Army were later stands accused him of not knowing too much about football either.

Simply, what we have now is mostly a snowball effect of Newcastle United’s poor mismanagement by the former chairman, and to be honest I was hoping at first place that with Mort and Ashley we will have a new era and we will finally have managed a good foundation laid down for the club future, but it seems that we are now fall into another version of mismanagement in what I was (again) hoping that this time it will not worst than the previous one.

We still can survive through this stormy fog of the Tyne, and if they want to have a club according to what they’re believe we were, Keegan should have a massive transfer funds ready in the summer for a complete rebuild of this club. If not, then I will said that Chris Mort and Mike Ashley are simply businessmen, a selfmade billionaire who knows nothing about football.

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  1. Relax Max
    March 18, 14:18 #1 Relax Max

    Good morning! Still don’t understand everything, so that means you are writing like you should! Keep up the good work, and never give up on your lads!

  2. McN41R
    March 20, 00:36 #2 McN41R

    Mort and Ashley do not claim to be vast in knowledge of football. The are businessmen, however they are businesmen in football for a hobby and not to make a profit. He will provide funds for kk and all he wants in return is a passionate team of players who will try and play good football (and hopefully win trophies along the way).

    We all realise that KK is not the best manager and a times appears to be tactically inept. That my friend is KK! When KK has has settled the team and everyone starts to relax it will be a much more enjoyable time for all.

    There will be much joy at NUFC and probably a few tears. Most of the supporters I know(who attend/watch the games) need two things good football 110% attacking football and to beat sunderland, a bonus is winning a cup, a dream is the league. That my friend is NUFC.

    You artical is not a good and badly written, the only thing that is clear is your negative attitude. If thats your idea of supporting NUFC, consider chaging the name to smoggies zone. You have the chance to increase positive thinking amonst the NUFC fans but you choose to stir negitivity 🙁

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