Be United and Help Sir Bobby Robson Foundation Raise the Money

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The neverending supporter of Newcastle United, the first manager who can bring Champions League second round tie to St. James’s Park, the old knight who still can talk about football for hours, the one and only Sir Bobby Robson is battling cancer for the fifth time and has been told that this time it is incurable…

imageMagpies Zone is asking your support for a new foundation under his name who will work for the cancer trials research centre.

Click on the image on the left to go to the foundation site and make donation there, no matter how much you can donate, it’s not the amount that is important but your support for Sir Bobby’s effort is highly appreciated.

I will pray for you Sir Bobby Robson, you’re strong lad, you have fight the cancer four times and I bet that your spirit will once again wins you for the fifth time against it.

You will still be around when Newcastle United is win something, you will be there at St. James’s Park and see United skipper lift-up the silverwares.

Below is an article about Sir Bobby and the foundation that I quote from the Times online website:

On Easter Monday, there was a knock at Sir Bobby Robson’s door. A stranger was standing outside his Co Durham house clutching a brown envelope. “My first thought: football agent,” he said, with a familiar chuckle yesterday, and the package in question did, indeed, contain money. In used notes and loose change was £274.71; the gesture, however, was priceless.

The woman in front of him began telling Robson her story. Her husband had died recently and his final request was that mourners should not send flowers to mark his passing. Instead, he had heard that Robson was establishing a charity and asked for a collection to be made at his funeral. Here she was, clutching the proceeds. It is the kind of warmth Robson generates.

When Dr Ruth Plummer, Robson’s oncologist, asked him if he knew of businessmen or contacts who could help to raise money for a new facility at the Freeman Hospital, in Newcastle, he went several steps further. The result is the Sir Bobby Robson Foundation, which, initially at least, aims to raise £500,000 for a cancer trials research centre.

“There’s a saying from my part of the world, which I don’t really like, but maybe it’s appropriate – shy bairns get nothing,” he said. “My other skirmishes have been football-related and this is medical-related and the process of raising quite a bit of money isn’t easy, because it’s not easy asking people for money, is it? The problem is, if I don’t ask, I don’t get, so I’ve got to take the bull by the horns.”

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