Ashley Knows the Entertainers Can Pleased Toon Army

January 11 06:18 2008 Print This Article

It has been two days now since the parted mutual agreement between Newcastle and Sam Allardyce. Both Chris Mort and Mike Ashley still “looking” for any replacement with “the Entertainers” style of play for United.

Chronicle said that the one that has been pull the trigger for Ashley decision to terminated Big Sam contract was after the FA Cup third round against Stoke. It was Big Sam’s after game interview when he said how good Newcastle United is playing today that has been reported making Ashley to shake his head.

Chris Mort, for the last 48 hours of silent made him look fairly weak as Club Chairman. He continued providing verbal support to BSA, and projecting normalcy, up until the last moment – I think it was you who suggested we had even agreed a fee with Arsenal for Diarra only yesterday.

It appears Ashley has intervened and taken the decision to cut BSA, essentially irrespective of what was going on ‘in the real world’. You have to wonder why he would have done this unless he had received the nod from someone regarding a replacement, and decided to move acordingly.

If the above is anything like representative of the facts, you have to wonder how Chris Mort will now react to essentially being shown to be incidental to the decision-making process.

The Telegraph report today that Ashley’s best friend, Paul Kemsley, said Newcastle supporters would be “very excited” by his plans and “That man will deliver,” Kemsley said. “There is no question there will be more money. Mike has cleaned up the accounts and the club is in the best financial shape it has been in for a while.”

Kemsley added more the most important thing now is the Toon Army will give Mike time to make his own important decision about the replacement.

“He’s very committed and has shown that with the investment. I know that if Mike is given the time he will deliver good quality attacking football the fans want. The point he made to me was ‘people talk about managers being given time. Well what about giving me time?’. He hasn’t even had a window to work in yet.”

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