Allardyce’s New Scientific Treatments Revealed!

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Sam Allardyce new scientific approach for Newcastle United have been revealed. The new approach is a combination of the Western science and ancient Chinese Feng-Shui.

For these new treatments, Allardyce is using pilates, psychological profiling, state-of-the-art fitness machines, animal oils and even fengshui to get his aim o reduce Newcastle’s injury record.

Newcastle United last season’ injuries saw no less than 340-days lost of players time because of injury. The Newcastle gaffer begins his Toon revolutionary football management by getting into the minds of his stars. Using numbers of questionaires, he tries to evaluate the player state of mind and commitment to the club.

The results of this questionaire method maight be the reasons behind some of his surprisingly decision to sand aside Newcastle number one goalkeeper and make Steve Harper as his number one choice for Newcastle United goallie these days.

For the football’s traditionally method used to build fitness, Allardyce ditched the routine of cross-country runs and lengthy slogs around pitches.

The more in depth of the new science mixed-treatments of Big Sam as been quoted from website:

Allardyce has scrapped long-distance team runs. Instead, he has given each Newcastle player a tailored pre-season fitness programme which is worked on in small groups or individually – with the players coming in at different times of the day to do their work.

The Magpies boss conducts team-bonding sessions and focused sessions in the video room, where Allardyce outlines different tactical formations for home and away games.

Newcastle players are required to go through a session of pilates every afternoon. Pilates is a body-conditioning routine that seeks to build flexibility, strength, endurance and coordination, without adding muscle bulk.

Allardyce uses scientifically-prepared questionaires to evaluate his players’ state of mind and commitment to the club.

Based on the findings, he then decides what sort of managerial approach will get the best out of them.

It is a technique he used at Bolton, which some of his former players admitted was ‘frighteningly accurate’.

Allardyce has several Power Plate machines, which costs US$9,250 ($14,000) each, in the club gym.

The Power Plate is a workout machine which consists of a vibrating platform which one can stand on and do light stretches and squats. Newcastle players work on these machines for 15 minutes, three times a week.

The added vibration is said to stimulate the muscles, causing them to tire faster than a traditional workout.

Emu oil has natural anti-inflammatory, healing properties, and contain a wide range of omega oils that are known to promote good health. It can be used for pain management, wound care, nutrition, arthritis and sports injuries.

Right after his appointment as Newcastle manager, Allardyce surveyed the entire Magpies training complex and ordered for extra windows to be built at designated walls.

He also installed extra mirrors and paintings to ‘liven the place up’.

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