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Alan Shearer

Keegan and Shearer On Board, Sink Or Swim

At present, both have the most influence in Newcastle United’s recent history and their own egos probably the oil and water who are hard to mixed in together. While the

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Step Inside if You Want to Help Newcastle United

Speculations about Shearer will come or not will never stop until the man himself said anything about it. This time Toon legend is in silent mode, just like Michael Owen

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Alan Shearer Is Welcome If He Wants To Make A Return

Toon legend Alan Shearer remains silent despite the heavy news recently name him as the leading candidate to replace Big Sam this month. His mate at BBC Alan Hansen, former

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Newcastle’s Great Match From the Past

Since there’s nothing interested me to write or about to give my opinion recently, I was looking around to find any interesting videos to post in here. I have found

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Newcastle United Injury Curse Started since 1893

Well, injury in football was not a new thing. The most closely thing to every football players beside an air-filled sphere with a circumference of 68–70 cm (or 27–28 inches),

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