Alan Shearer Is Welcome If He Wants To Make A Return

by shearyadi | January 1, 2008 8:05 am

Toon legend Alan Shearer remains silent despite the heavy news recently name him as the leading candidate to replace Big Sam this month.

His mate at BBC Alan Hansen, former Liverpool defender said that Shearer could bring the respect back to Newcastle if he make return as United boss. In my honest opinion, Shearer could be usefull addition to the club management but in the capacity as an assistant to Sam Allardyce not as his successor.

Being a Geordie hero, Shearer can assist Big Sam to lead the Newcastle team back on the right track. He knows very well what is the meaning of Saturday to most of Geordies faithful, and he can help Allardyce to manage what the Toon Army want to see.

Gareth Southgate, his former England team-mate said: “Sam is a very experienced manager. I feel he will be able to guide them through the times they are having at the moment.” Southgate added that Shearer can end all the speculations and bring the peace back to St. James’ Park by saying “I’m not Interested”.

Another Toon legend, former United captain who lead the Black-and-White Army to the last silverware in 1969, Bobby Moncur said that although he dislikes Allardyce style of play, he says sacking Allardyce wouldn’t be wise. He also said that decisions to axe Kenny Dalglish, Ruud Gullit and Sir Bobby Robson did not result in instant success foe Newcastle.

“We didn’t expect anything but I think we need a rousing performance against Man City.” Bobby told the Chronicle, “We need to see a good attitude from the players. They need to have fire in their bellies, like at Chelsea. That’s all the fans wants to see.”

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