52,000 Who Can Pick A Better Team Than Me

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Again, I must say that Big Sam is once again telling the truth nothing but the truth. This is something that is probably hard to understand by some of those “Newcastle United” fans, who can only watch the game on Television (like me) and coming to St. James’ Park every match day.

Sky.com write about Allardyce awareness he is in the ‘results business’, and is adamant that result is what matters, rather than putting on a ‘show’ for the St James’ Park faithful. I hope that is written in good english for those of you before judge it as an arrogance from Big Sam.

“You want to win games of football and entertain, but the bottom line is all about winning.” Allardyce said, “At the end of the day, we are all in the winning game and the results game, and that is what we have got to get back to, we all know that.”

The point is for the last couple of games, Sam was being under heavy critisms (including this blog) for playing negative football, and even the former Newcastle player John Beresford have something to say.

“It’s only my personal opinion, but what is wrong with simply playing a 4-4-2 system and getting the wingers into the game?” He told the Chronicle, “We have players like Michael Owen and Mark Viduka who will score if you get the ball into the box.”

This is something that BSA told about everyone seems to know better than him on picking up a team formation. I did asking on this blog couple weeks ago about the same question, why Big Sam couldn’t just pick his best team and not making changes on every game.

But once again, we only can watch and make judgement from outside the field, I don’t think Sam Allardyce will pick the worst option if he can have the best one available, do you?

“You have got to get on with your job. You know what works, and you know what doesn’t work. You know what’s right, and what’s not right.” Allardyce added more, “Just because you get one or two bad results, it’s doesn’t change the way you work.”

Later today on the official site, Sam Allardyce says that his Newcastle United players must show belief in his game-plan when Arsenal come to St.James’ Park on Wednesday night.

“Arsenal are the best team in the Premiership at the moment, home and away, and you must stop them producing their strengths, and then try, when you’re in possession, to use the ball in the correct manner and make sure you get at their defence when you can,” said Allardyce.

Allardyce said if you are going to beat them, and they come and play like they normally can (as the best team in Premier League so far), then tactically you’ve got to be 100 per cent at taking that game-plan into action and then you can get something out of the game.

I hope the Newcastle player can learn something from our previous home games. If BSA is telling the truth about them not following his instructions, then we are in deep trouble on Wednesday too.

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