But within the vast repertoire is a clear

But within the vast repertoire is a clear through line: a vocal and instrumental dance between two generations of Plasketts.Some of the songs date back decades.”I found these tapes of dad singing all these original songs and as a teenager I would listen to them,” said Joel, his shoulder length brown hair tucked behind his ears.”So I went back to a few of those tapes and would say, ‘Hey, what about this one,' or ‘Why don't we sand the edges off that one'.”The 11 track album opens with the gripping “Dragonfly” a definite merging of the two Plaskett's distinct styles.The song builds from a folk melody with Celtic flair and gritty vocals to a jarring breakdown reminiscent of Joel's past catalogue. A fiddle and electric guitar take turns being the instrumental interlude's vanguard.The inspiration for the tune came from a paranormal experience. After several unexplainable occurrences at his studio, Joel hired a medium to “clear a ghost out of the place.””The day after that, we found a dragonfly on the floor of the lobby in the studio,” said Joel, whose studio New Scotland Yard also houses a storefront with a barber shop, record store and cafe all sharing the space.”I looked up dragonflies, and in certain cultures, they kind of represent spirits that have moved on.

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