Why is Sam Keep Looking for Defenders?

August 20 15:32 2007 Print This Article

It is interesting to see these days how Big Sam is keep looking for any potential defensive players to buy for Toon.

The way he develop the team is something different than any other Magpies past managers in the new era of Premier League. We have the Kevin Keegan era where attacking is the most priority, and while Keegan thought that attacking is the best way to defend, Sam has the other perspective of how to win the game.

Sam is said as quoted from other media, “The team that wins the league tends to have the most clean sheets. It's about more than creating goals in the Premier League, and keeping a clean sheet is important.”

“You always need that before you score. People perceive that as negative but it's not. It's the biggest part of being a free-flowing attacking team.”

Allardyce added: “If you do the right things in the right areas you end up nullifying the opposition and you become creative from there. If the front players know that the back players are doing well, the service becomes better.”

Maybe yes, maybe not.

As soon as Sam appointment as the new Toon manager, I have an email from one Bolton fan who said as he is rejoice of Sam is leaving the club. He rated Sam style of play as boring because he is tend to defend than to attack.

Well, in my own opinion, I have to say that I agree with Allardyce. We need to learn how Chelsea has won two Premier League title in a row. I see that Mourinho has the same style of play as Allardyce does. Chelsea is the team with great defensive side, and if you look at their goal statistic per game, you will see that they are rarely to score more than 2 goals per-game, but look at how many they a have cleansheet.

So I think, Big Sam has a good point about how he will build our team and I agree with him about making a good defensive side to support the attacking players, so they will only concentrate on how to create the goals and don't have to think of how they can help to defend.

Comment? You are welcome 🙂

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  1. Andrias
    August 20, 21:29 #1 Andrias

    Couldnt agree more.

    No matter how many goals Drogba scored last season, it was Chelsea’s defensive gaphole that lost them the title.

    Over the years, we’ve seen Manchester United prioritised resolute backline over prolific foward.

    For all the flair of Henry & Van Persie & Cesc & their beautiful fluid football, defensive failure has always been Arsenal’s shortcoming.

    Look where Portsmouth finished last season….

    PS. I still believe that Bramble is a better player than Boumsong. Bramble is oozing with class when he awakes. Problem is, he only awakes for 80mins in a game. Hehehehhee…..

  2. Shearyadi
    August 21, 12:17 #2 Shearyadi

    yeah, I was not too fancy either with negative football, but what I saw in Sam’s policy is not pure defensive side. He is also pay attention to the attacking side, that’s why he wants to strengthen our back four so he knows for sure the attack is having confident to do their job 🙂

  3. bli wedhooz
    August 21, 10:39 #3 bli wedhooz

    well, actually i didnt like what i saw at bolton when BSA still got the job there. But to realize that i could also see him do the same stuff at Newcastle, it doesnt bother me at all..
    Well i guess im kind a result-oriented person, not like madrista peoples who couldnt satisfied with the champion title cause they want to win it with the attactive football too, to greedy imho…

    PS: bramble sure better than boumsong but only when it comes to the stupidity, lack of speed and bad decision making.. lol

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