Those ways can change with the times

It was 81 degrees, trade breezes were ruffling the coconut palms, humpback whales were spouting just offshore, and I was sipping my iced tea barely 12 inches from the sand. Hope gestured at an outrigger canoe riding in on a perfect turquoise wave where once surfed. “How could you not want to be part of this? Aloha shirts make you relax and take a deep breath.

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All the pressure is on Gonzaga to justify its No. 1 seed, much as it was in 2013, but the Bulldogs have already gone further than that round of 32 loss. 13 Vermont and No. As in the 1930s, Scotland was still plagued by inconsistency in selection. Almost all successful sides have a settled half back partnership, as Scotland had had in the Waddell Nelson years. But post war, Scotland wouldn't find one for almost 20 years.

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