The fatigue underlying the reduction in force capacity is

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Christian Louboutin Good quality motorcycle boots should last a very very long time. The exception would be some sportbike boots. These thin race soles may wear through in a season due to the rider putting pressure on the peg while cornering hard. To the best of our knowledge, the effect of dehydration induced by dynamic endurance exercise on electromyographic (EMG) signals has been investigated only by Ftaiti et al.7 They observed that the neuromuscular pattern of the knee extensor muscles assessed by mean EMG activity during a 40 minute submaximal running exercise in the heat was slightly altered despite a 2% loss of body weight. However, in that study it is difficult to discriminate the effect of dehydration on muscle activity from the confounding effects of hyperthermia.Several studies have implicated a role for neuromuscular alterations in performance decrease during prolonged exercise. The fatigue underlying the reduction in force capacity is commonly related to either peripheral or central mechanisms.8,9,10 A study on the neural input and peripheral contractile mechanisms of knee extensor muscles after two hours of cycling indicated that the inability of cyclists to generate their initial maximal force was related to a reduction in surface EMG (RMS) and to a change in muscular twitch and M wave characteristics.11Therefore the aim of this study was to examine the effects of fluid ingestion on neuromuscular activity during and after a three hour cycling exercise performed at 60% of maximal oxygen consumption. Christian Louboutin

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LEXIS 368 (Middlesex, October 1, 2002)(Brassard, J