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    I think we could definitely get him if we wanted him. He doesn’t start anywhere near enough games and I reckon he just wants to […]

  • Newcastle to offer ¬£6.5 million for Chelsea Left-Back Wayne Bridge

    That was from…The News Of The World who is reporting Kevin Keegan ready to try to lure Wayne Bridge away from Stamford Bridge. Well, as […]

  • Riise Will Surely Raise With Newcastle United

    I know this is an old rumour that speculating we are chasing him and today Sky has reported Keegan is trying to get him out […]

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    Dennise Wise apparently was more busier than Kevin Keegan in search for new talents to play for Newcastle United. I gues this is because his […]

  • Another Toon Last Minute Signing, Ole Soderberg

    I have come up with a big question to what is Keegan’s role at signing new players to this club after read about Newcastle United […]