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  • Newcastle still lacks of depth in key areas

    In my honest opinion, we need more than a left back and striker. We now don't have a single Premier League class full back – Simpson, Ryan Taylor are at best squad players, and Perch is worse than useless.

    Ryan Taylor takes a free-kick during the match against Fulham [Magpies Zone/GettyImages/DayLife]

    Shane Ferguson could be terrific but we can't depend on him at this stage. We need another center back. I said this long before Williamson got injured, but it is is now a high priority. I …

  • Newcastle United is attractive club for overseas players

    In precisely, I should say for French players and couple of their African commonwealth country. These players are somehow looking to have some potentials to be a great player and seeing them as the opportunity for our “beloved” owner to grab more money to his pocket on selling them later to the big clubs.

    Sylvain Marveaux and Robbie Rogers of the Columbus Crew in battle [Magpies Zone/Getty Images/DayLife]

    We already have Mehdi Abeid from Racing Club Lens and two more Lens prospects have arrived at Newcastle United on trials. …

  • Newcastle United Still On the Right Track

    Honestly, I don't know where to start, the whole things are totally screwed up and huge disappointments are mounting everywhere after last night disastrous result against Bolton. But, one thing that I always keep in mind is to think positive and always see from both sides.

    Chris Hughton looks on the future of Newcastle United

    This Newcastle team is still in progressing, and only time will tell where we will be ended at the final season next year, which I hope we will stay …

  • Everton vs Newcastle United – a late review

    The Toon performance against the Toffees last Saturday was awesome, another fabulous display by all the lads that resulting the first win against them at their own ground since 2001.

    Hatem Ben Arfa

    I know this also too early to say that we can guarantee our place in the top flight and is not impossible to reach the top of mid-table, with little help of luck, we even have the opportunity to back in Europe.

    Alright, let's now …

  • What Keegan Did to Michael Owen and His Future with Toon

    For those who have been loudly decrying KK's tactical acumen (not necessarily on here) it seems to me that modifying MO's role has been something of a masterstroke.


    As several of us had been suggesting, if we had continued playing a supine 4-4-2 with Owen and Smith up front, we were going in only one direction. The present formation has allowed KK to get both Viduka and Martins involved, and importantly has got Owen more …

  • Newcastle United vs Aston Villa match verdict from the terraces

    The classic game of two halves. The 1st half was fairly even, with Villa perhaps having the better chances. The Toon seemed rather tentative and nervy, and everything seemed just a little bit off – our passing tacling, marking, anticipation and support for the man in possession.


    I actually got the impression of a team that had perhaps spent a little too much time planning for what the opposition might do, and then finding it …

  • The American businessmen were not going to be our saviour, then who will???

    It looks like we will be more longer seeing Mike Ashley running this club without any signs of new potential take over to appears in the short of time. None of any rich sheikh from Dubai or any wealthy American cowboys committed to buy our club.


    News from the L.A. Times reporting that Philip Anschutz has no interest in buying Newcastle United or any other English Premier League club.

    Phil eventually did and emphatically denied …

  • Rob has no Styles at all to stay on the Premiership referees list

    You may say that I write that just because I'm a Newcastle fan or have seen the way he treated my club last night but you may also ask Liverpool supporters or Bolton manager Gary Megson of what they think about Mr. Rob.


    He only knows how to ‘rob' the game out of certain club favour rather than keeping the game in style for a clean match or decent fixture result. If I was JK, …

  • Could be the worst season of all time

    For what happen today, I would never ever, ever, forgive what Mike Ashley and his three jokers plus that useless managing director have done to my club! This is really going to be the worst season of all time in the entire Newcastle United story.

    I wrote this even before the Carling Cup game ends and we are totally hopeless. The lads seems don't have any direction, they are playing the game as it is …

  • Where should we go from here

    The organ grinder and his 3 Wise monkeys seem set to return empty handed from Dubai, and without the £480m Ashley was allegedly hoping to have trousered for his splendid work in bringing the Toon to it's current situation.

    One report from the mid-East says that the Arabs had put valuations on half a dozen Premier clubs, before ADUG bought Man City for £210m. The Toon was on the list and was valued at – …