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  • Newcastle United vs Sunderland match review

    We didn't really get going in the first half and were generally 2nd best, particularly in midfield. Despite this, I can only recall Krul having to make one save, pushing Bendtner's curling shot comfortably around the post.

    Alan Pardew celebrates Newcastle’s goal

    On our part, our passing was dire, delivery from out wide and from dead balls was poor, and far too often we resorted to knocking long balls up to Ba & Cisse. I thought we should have had …

  • Ryan Taylor become the latest member of Newcastle United hall of fame

    Although it may not an official one, as I don't think the official club site is any bother to make any decent appreciation to what the lads been doing on the field. But, scoring against mackem, is the highest achievement that every Toon players can get.

    Ryan Taylor (R) celebrate the winning match against Sunderland [Magpies Zone/Reuters/DayLife]

    That may sound funny but it's more than just a local derby in North East, it's about all your pride, and scoring against them will make you an instant …

  • Sunderland is Not and Never be any better than Newcastle United

    It's written in the stars many-many years ago, and will always be that way for many years to come that Newcastle United destined to be the better team in North East ahead of their so called arch-rivals Sunderland or the adopted derby rival, Middlesbrough.

    Ryan Taylor celebrates the goal with his teammates [Magpies Zone/AP Photo/DayLife]

    They can claim as having the “more settled” team for the last two years with their recent multi-millions signings. But, two defeats and a draw in 12 months is the reality …

  • It Was Like Men vs Boys at Times

    The temporary mackem superiority bubble was burst asunder yesterday afternoon in the most one-sided derby I personally have ever witnessed. As former Geordie, Steve Bruce himself said after the game “it was like men v boys at times”.

    Andy Carroll vs Titus Bramble, Man vs Boy

    Joy of joys, the hapless mackems were thrashed by a far superior Toon team in a game that was run by Joey Barton in by far his best game for the club. He was simply superb today.…

  • The Day When Newcastle United is The Best Team in North East

    Frankly, I'm really nervous before and at the start of kick-off, and if Steve Bruce ever said couple days ago that he was shaking to face one of the most fierce football derby in the world, the Tyne and Wear derby, I am also have the same feeling.

    Shola Ameobi - Home ground proud Geordie boy who scores for Newcastle United against Sunderland

    It was the game that every Toon Army in every corner of the universe would not take it as the losing side, where the pride of Black-and-White …

  • We take it on the chin with our heads held high

    Not feeling gutted but a bit disappointed to have this game out of our reach today. After managing two draws on winable chance of our previous last two games, we have the first defeat on their dirty land.


    It's funny though to see how they reacting after the final whistle. It looks like they have won the World Cup or something, but I can understand that perfectly as they must be seen us as the

  • First Chapter’s Coda of 2007-2008 Tyne-Wear Derby

    What is a coda? Answers.com has the explanation for coda as a Latin word meaning “tail,” refers not only to the conclusion of a musical composition but also to an ending in general. If we describe the Tyne-Wear derby as a musical composition, we have probably a mixed of rap music, heavy metal, and pop music.

    The Tyne-Wear derby always beginning with some ‘Rap' intro, everytime we are heading into the match. We will hear …

  • Now, What the Papers Says?

    Alright, I have posted the voices of Newcastle United fans yesterday, and I think it's also interesting to know what the papers said about Saturday's Tyne-Wear derby. But, one thing that's been in most headlines today was the Barton's tackle on macKems Etuhu.

    Sam interviewTimes online reveals that Joey has went into the tackle with his studs dangerously high which drew an angry response from Etuhu. But there was no foul awarded from the referee, Martin …

  • Now What the Fans Said About Toon Performance

    In fact we have one point from today's match. A one point better than our previous away matches, but in general we are still far away from doing the best we can this season. Sunderland is not a decent opponent to get one point out of them, we should get three points today, that's the better performance.

    Indonesian Toon Army

    Big Sam said we have been doing well and get a deserved goal from our response after getting …

  • Sunderland vs Newcastle United – Postmortem

    Sam Allardyce will be relieved after James Milner cross-shots deflected the bottom corner of sunderland posts and get in the net to earn 1-1 draw in a 127th Tyne-Wear derby clash today.

    Milner in England jersey

    Although Newcastle remain unbeaten at the Stadium of Sh*te, we are being largely outplayed, a fortuitous James Milner strike cancelling out Danny Higginbotham's first goal for Sunderland. The homeside were the more comfortable in a maelstrom of a match, ensuring the noise in …