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  • We’ll be Alright When We Get to the Winnable Games

    Best performance for ages, particularly going forward. We created at least half a dozen good chances, scored none, and fell to the almost inevitable sucker punch. A real sickener.


    For the record Smith and Barton were selected again, although at least we had a fit keeper today. Smith had a decent game, without ever having a sniff at goal – for a centre forward this is not that great. Barton was largely hopeless, but laid …

  • A Worthy point underneath the Smogs curtain

    This is from a less than impressive web stream but despite the lack of picture quality, even through the thick Smog I could see some real quality from men in black and white today. Hats off to the back four, especially Bassong.

    Our defence were superb. Despite Middlesborough's possession in the last 3rd/ crosses into our box we limited them to very few chances thanks to the back 4. Enrique was the only exception in …

  • Nil Nil, We Won that Nil Nil at Stamford Bridge

    No one really believed we could do it, not even Screacher (or even me -Ed), but it was great, and always an honour to be in amongst the Toon lads.

    A great effort by everyone, the back four (before it became a back seven) did really well and need credit for stopping a very good Chelski side. Was especially impressed by Bassong and thought Enrique raised his game up a couple of notches to put …

  • The American businessmen were not going to be our saviour, then who will???

    It looks like we will be more longer seeing Mike Ashley running this club without any signs of new potential take over to appears in the short of time. None of any rich sheikh from Dubai or any wealthy American cowboys committed to buy our club.


    News from the L.A. Times reporting that Philip Anschutz has no interest in buying Newcastle United or any other English Premier League club.

    Phil eventually did and emphatically denied …

  • Newcastle United also have “Houdini” in progress

    If our former Premierships bottom fellow team has claimed to have a “Harry Houdini” working for them, we can say the same thing today after satisfying result against Aston Villa. To be honest, and wasn't my usual habit, I was predicting the opposite result before the game.


    But today everyone is having their performance back, and hope JFK can keep the growing-up confidence from the Lads for good. Our “Houdini” has done his magic once …

  • We take it on the chin with our heads held high

    Not feeling gutted but a bit disappointed to have this game out of our reach today. After managing two draws on winable chance of our previous last two games, we have the first defeat on their dirty land.


    It's funny though to see how they reacting after the final whistle. It looks like they have won the World Cup or something, but I can understand that perfectly as they must be seen us as the

  • Habib say Good Beye to the Monday night red card

    After being send-off in ridiculous way by the disastrous referee Rob Styles on Monday night fixture against Manchester City, a good news coming today for United defender Habib Beye as his appeal against his sending off is have been cleared by the FA authority.


    His straight red card after just 12 minutes in the 2-2 draw at St James' Park has no solid evidence after the replays shown that Beye won the ball when challenging …

  • Newcastle fought back to stuns Everton at Goodison Park

    Have never win at Goodison Park since 2001, their two early goals seems to doom us even more deeper, but thanks to the new injection of spirit by United's caretaker who unfortunately missed to watch our two goals.


    We were dismal in the 1st half, but fairly well dominated the 2nd. Leighton Baines cleared off the line our two good chances to win today's game, one from Tylor and one from Zogbia.

    If there were …

  • When we able to call Newcastle United is OUR Club again

    I was in my early teens when KK first took over back in the 90's. My Dad wouldn't let me go to any of the games in that year when they got promoted to the Premier League because he liked to stand in the Gallowgate and said it was too rough for a young lad.

    However we got promoted and as a result my Dad in somewhat euphoric state decided that this was too good …

  • Reliance Group still interested to buy out Newcastle United

    After the first statement from the official site yesterday, they have made another one today saying that Newcastle United Football Club can confirm that discussions are ongoing between the Board and Kevin Keegan.


    Both the Club and Kevin would like to reiterate that Kevin remains as manager. He has not resigned nor has he been sacked, as has been confirmed in respective statements made by Kevin and Newcastle United Football Club.

    But the King himself …

  • Those who has not said about a dream move to Newcastle is lunatic

    Yeah right, despite of all the horrific news about Keegan is going to (forced to) resign from Newcastle United, and all the betting sites are now busy throwing all the possible names as his successor, the official club site has only have a report about Toon latest signings.


    Every new players who ever signed for United spoken about how delighted they are. Fransisco ‘Xisco' Jimenez Tejada was no different. He has spoken of his delight …

  • Kevin Keegan facing Newcastle United crossroads

    Seriously lads and lasses, this kind of story was the very last thing that I want to read at this moment. After being slight relieve on Toon's last juvenile deadline signings last night, I don't want to see Keegan walk away from the club today.

    Mind you, all the press today are busy reporting and updating the news, but deep inside I hope MA will keep and calm him down. I can not imagine what …