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  • Danny Guthrie, Newcastle United second signing this summer

    My friends, it looks like we will have another new player signing for Newcastle today, as both Liverpool and Newcastle have agreed about the transfer […]

  • What If Keegan Go For Peter Crouch

    I think we could definitely get him if we wanted him. He doesn’t start anywhere near enough games and I reckon he just wants to […]

  • Riise Will Surely Raise With Newcastle United

    I know this is an old rumour that speculating we are chasing him and today Sky has reported Keegan is trying to get him out […]

  • I reckon you deserved a bit more of a report, so here goes

    Like everyone else, I’ve been pissed off with proceeedings for a long time now. Not only with the performances of NUFC on the pitch, but […]

  • Liverpool vs Newcastle, Want To Know What Happened?

    Disappointed? YES! Feeling Hurt? DEFINETELY! Have anything to hope for from our current team squad? Maybe YES, maybe NOT. Honestly, I didn’t expecting us to […]