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  • Danny Guthrie, Newcastle United second signing this summer

    My friends, it looks like we will have another new player signing for Newcastle today, as both Liverpool and Newcastle have agreed about the transfer fee for the service of Danny Guthrie. The Merseyside club is now given the permission for United to speak directly with the player.


    Daniel Sean “Danny” Guthrie born April 18, 1987 in Shrewsbury and grew up in Telford. He signed for Liverpool when he's still a 15 year old after …

  • What If Keegan Go For Peter Crouch

    I think we could definitely get him if we wanted him. He doesn't start anywhere near enough games and I reckon he just wants to make sure that at his next club he can go there, play games and for once – be loved. Keegan would assure him of this.


    He doesn't strike me as a ‘Keegan player'. But then again Keegan has praised Viduka to the rafters this week. Owen recently talked about …

  • Riise Will Surely Raise With Newcastle United

    I know this is an old rumour that speculating we are chasing him and today Sky has reported Keegan is trying to get him out from Anfield this summer.


    Riise join Liverpool from the French side Monaco in 2001 for £4.6million, and if Keegan is going to give a little bit of profit for the Kop side, I will go for an amount of £5million, and that is well bargain for the 27-year-old Norwegian left-back …

  • I reckon you deserved a bit more of a report, so here goes

    Like everyone else, I've been pissed off with proceeedings for a long time now. Not only with the performances of NUFC on the pitch, but with the administration of the Premier League; the greed over money concerning this 39th game abroad lark and the scheduling of TV games purely to suit the armchair fans with no respect or regard whatsoever for the travelling fans.

    There have been lots of seasons where I haven't missed a …

  • Liverpool vs Newcastle, Want To Know What Happened?

    Disappointed? YES! Feeling Hurt? DEFINETELY! Have anything to hope for from our current team squad? Maybe YES, maybe NOT.

    Honestly, I didn't expecting us to win the game today and was very sure that we will get beaten, but I do hope we lose the game in dignity, with pride and give them something to fight for. But the truth is we give another easy win just like we did to them in our home …