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    My Relationship With Mike Ashley Is Perfect – I Never Speak To Him

    Well, now we know the answer. Despite giving Chelsea a helluva battle with a highly creditable 1st half performance, we were steam-rollered in the 2nd half and ultimately couldn’t live with a team in the Champions League Final and within a breath of stealing the Premier League from ManU.


    It’s difficult to know what happened during the half time break to so utterly change the course of the game. Certainly without Viduka we seemed to …

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    Where should we go from here

    The organ grinder and his 3 Wise monkeys seem set to return empty handed from Dubai, and without the £480m Ashley was allegedly hoping to have trousered for his splendid work in bringing the Toon to it's current situation.

    One report from the mid-East says that the Arabs had put valuations on half a dozen Premier clubs, before ADUG bought Man City for £210m. The Toon was on the list and was valued at – …

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    The first comedy fact has been told about Newcastle United future

    I will not wrote about today's match as you may already know that we were shite and down 1-2, thanks to the “whole new future of football management” invented by Dennis Wise and co.


    What I want to write here are some of the emails that keep coming in my mailbox, their original name, company, and emails were not written here to keep their privacy except for one that come from other Toon Army site …

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    The Battle continues about who is done right or wrong

    This could be the longest post I've ever did on the Magpies Zone, but I assume that all these stuff are important enough to be highlighted, so all my friends here can read too. I will start with the Sun's report saying “Keegan Wanted To Sign Beckham, Lampard & Former Gunner Henry.”

    And just like most of the press always said, the Sun comes up with this report from a Newcastle insider who told The …

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    Proof that Newcastle United hierarchy decision to keep Kevin Keegan is right

    Dear all, after the official statement about Keegan stay as Newcastle United manager, I made a small research about what happens to the world wide web during the speculation of his resignation today.

    This result may not be genuine fact for most of them are from those site that supporting the Toon or love to see Keegan stay with us, but what I found here would give you a clear view that Kevin Keegan still …