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  • Newcastle was in the right spirit in an incredible atmosphere

    Gawd, what a knee trembler!! Giving them the lead after 3mins didn't exactly help either. I feel emotionally drained, relieved and delighted in equal measure, but you know what, that game tonight was a credit to the PL. Two teams under incredible pressure, but totally committed; played in the right spirit in an incredible atmosphere.

    Newcastle was in the right spirit in an incredible atmosphere

    Despite the high stakes and the unbelievable tension, it was a great little contest, and a pretty good spectacle. Littered …

  • A hard working and full of committment performance but lacking in class

    Canny game with 4 goals, and a lot of effort from both teams. Being honest, a draw was probably the right result, but this was 2 points we just couldn't afford to drop. As has already been mentioned we never had any measure of control in midfield until Zog came one – to a mixture of cheers and boos.

    Geordie boy Andy Carroll saves the day

    I suspect the improvement was more to do with finally getting some mobility in central m/f …

  • Newcastle got a lesson to be learned

    The bottom line from last Newcastle performance against ManU was we got nowt from a very creditable performance in a game we most certainly should have taken a point from, and frankly it would not have been robbery if we'd taken all three.

    Peter Lovenkrands scores to ruin Van Der Saar clean-sheet record attempt

    That we didn't was once again down to downright appalling defending on both goals, but particularly the second, which was horrific even by our dismal standards.

    I thought we were well-organised tonight, …

  • The grim reality after all the hype and euphoria

    Well, after all the hype and euphoria the grim reality settled back in this afternoon. In many respects this was very similar to the recent games v ManU and Arsenal – once again we competed really well for an hour before conceding a soft goal that knocked the stuffing, and the fight, out of the team.

    Having said that we competed for an hour, the stark reality is that yet again we created virtually nothing, …

  • The game of two very average sides who are devoid of confidence

    Once again we are utterly incapable of defending competently, and this always kept the mackems in with a shout, even during a 20 min spell in the 2nd half when we were all over them – but where any long straight ball down the middle was invariably enough to cause us fits – as indeed has been the case all season.

    Mike Ashley return to St. James' Park

    This despite having the best defender on the field in young Bassong. He put …

  • Newcastle performance and result against Liverpool was as bad as it gets

    I guess whatever we say, we should not devalue Liverpool's performance, which was as good as ours was abject. The difference between the two teams was an absolute chasm, and horribly demonstrated just how far we have fallen while the ‘dippers have steadily progressed.

    Michael Owen

    To be perfectly honest, so utterly appaling was our defensive performance (and that includes the midfield) it could quite easily have been double figures. That it wasn't was largely down to …

  • Joe Kinnear on his first Newcastle United game

    I caught Bobby Moncur talking on Century Radio on the drive home. He said he'd been talking to Joe Kinnear, who had asked to see him and Supermac to pick their brains on all things Toon, including the current squad.


    Although not officially in charge, he said he had felt the need to go into the dressing room at half time and say a few home truths to the team. He said he was rather …

  • Another really vital and hard-earned victory for Newcastle

    A tight game that developed into a midfield slugfest, with neither keeper having a whole lot to do. Without ever reaching the heights as a football spectacle, it was actually an absorbing contest. Of course, the fact we nicked it at the death now makes it seem a lot more memorable than it probably was!

    Another really vital and hard-earned victory for Newcastle

    We never established control in midfield, and had to work our gonads off to keep a foothold in the game. …

  • A much better Newcastle team wins over Spurs team

    If the result from our last meeting with them on the Carling Cup was to compare with today's result, I can tell you that today we are the much-much better team against a (slightly) better Spurs team.

    Damien Duff celebrating his Newcastle's winning goal against Spurs

    Although we aren't the better team on fist-half against the team that according to history was the team that would find it hard to win at our own land, but the Lads showed great determination to win the …

  • Mighty Magpies 2 vs Sad Mackems 0, Let's All Laugh at Them!

    Utterly delighted to beat 'em , but in truth it was a scrappy game. Despite some appallingly poor passages of play from us, we still had more about us, and for me we deserved the points.


    We were never able to establish real control in midfield, and for me this was the foundation for the self-created difficulties that kept the mackems in the game for far longer than they should have been. Our midfield trio …

  • Newcastle United v Bolton – Postmortem

    I thought we were ok, not brilliant but ok. Actually, I thought we were infinitely better than in most of the games I've seen this season – at least we gave it a real good go, and tried to play football against the arch-spoilers, who to be fair were very well organised and defended superbly.


    When we did get a sniff of chance we were flattened. Pity the Ref didn't have his spectacles on. I've …

  • Birmingham City vs Newcastle United Verdict: We Finally Did It!

    The veritable ‘game of two halves'. We were utter sh*te in the 1st half; much better in a second-half, we actually dominated.

    The reason for the improvement wasn't entirely obvious – at least to Screach & me in the pub. We certainly defended better in the 2nd half – but that wasn't too difficult, given how dreadful we had been in the 1st. We also created a lot more going forward, and but for …