Apology accepted, Cabaye still Newcastle’s quality player

Posted by: shearyadi · September 17, 2013 · Comment 

One of our French legion Yohan Cabaye has officially apologised to the Toon Army in an exclusive interview. Cabaye’s bid from Arsenal during summer transfer window was later been rejected.

Yohan Cabaye in Premierleague match against Aston Villa

In the effect of his transfer speculation to Arsenal, Cabaye was not taking part in Newcastle’s first two Premierleague match this season against Manchester City and West Ham as well as in the League Cup against Morecambe.

“I want to forget what happened during the …

Bad boy Joey did it again

Posted by: Clarky · August 14, 2011 · Comment 

Not a great game, to put it mildly, but I’m happy with the point and reasonably satisfied with the performance. The fact neither keeper had to make a real save put the quality of the game into perspective, but we grafted hard to close them down and the spirit looked ok, which had been my major pe-match concern.

Yohan Cabaye (R) challenge Arsenal's Andrei Arshavin [Magpies Zone/Reuters Pict/DayLife]

Tiote and Cabaye struggled to get any kind of hold in midfield, but I think was largely …

Why I prefer we are losing to Arsenal on last Saturday

Posted by: shearyadi · February 7, 2011 · Comment 

First of all, as a Toon fan, I must admit that I’m happy that we can get one point from a “superior” team like Arsenal, and most of all we successfully teach them how to play a real football match and shows them the result of a good fighting spirit.

Cheik Tiote celebrates his wonder goal against Arsenal

I was watching the game on live broadcasting, and yes it was really shocking to see how easy we let them scores 4 soft goals. …

Newcastle United looking extremely comfortable against Arsenal

Posted by: Gallowgate Jim · November 8, 2010 · Comment 

Last weekends result was magnificent and obviously had added importance for the simple fact that the alternative of losing would have been unbearable. But as others have said this was by far the better result.

Joey Barton keeping the ball away from Arsenal’s Jack Wilshere

After a spirited comeback against Wigan at home, we’ve won 3 premiership games in a row. Simply fantastic. This run shows just how important a point like that at home can be, even though at the time we were questioning …

Newcastle United MAGnificent performance demolished The Gunners

Posted by: shearyadi · November 7, 2010 · Comment 

Football is really a strange game to watch, sometimes it makes you cry not only when your team got beaten but also when they are the winning side. I was in a little of tears today after watching how good we are against the team that often called one of the Big Four.

Andy Carroll running to destroy the Arsenal defense

They are surely the bigger team in terms of their achievements in domestic league in the past couple years, and also have …

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