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  • Newcastle United looking extremely comfortable against Arsenal

    Last weekends result was magnificent and obviously had added importance for the simple fact that the alternative of losing would have been unbearable. But as others have said this was by far the better result.

    Joey Barton keeping the ball away from Arsenal’s Jack Wilshere

    After a spirited comeback against Wigan at home, we've won 3 premiership games in a row. Simply fantastic. This run shows just how important a point like that at home can be, even though at the time we were questioning …

  • Newcastle United MAGnificent performance demolished The Gunners

    Football is really a strange game to watch, sometimes it makes you cry not only when your team got beaten but also when they are the winning side. I was in a little of tears today after watching how good we are against the team that often called one of the Big Four.

    Andy Carroll running to destroy the Arsenal defense

    They are surely the bigger team in terms of their achievements in domestic league in the past couple years, and also have …

  • Jonas Believe Newcastle United is Destined to Stay in Premiership

    After the great display of team spirit against Wigan Athletic on last Saturday, Jonas Gutierrez sees the Black-and-Whites team has no reason to get relegated again in next summer.

    Jonas Believe Newcastle United is Destined to Stay in Premiership

    Jonas told in the Chronicle site today that Newcastle United are strong and can stay mentally strong in each games.

    “That will be important. We are all together in this fight and the players understand that,” He added more “It doesn’t matter if you are on …

  • Verdict from the Emirates, strange Newcastle team got beaten again

    Strange one. If we'd played like we did at OT against Manure we'd not have been outclassed. KK said before that game that he'd got the lads to believe that Manure weren't infallible and it worked.


    At the Emirates, we were flat footed, never really got going keeping the ball and overall were outclassed by Arse who were obviously stinging from the Fulham defeat plus had talisman Fabrigthingy back.

    There were only glimpses of Arse …

  • Arsenal 3 vs Newcastle United 0

    Joey Barton making his first appearance for Newcastle this season starting from the bench, and with both Martins and Duff are out, Keegan has no further options but ask him to get ready when needed at the Emirates.


    Couple days ago, some Arsenal fans have contacted me for an interview about today's match, so if you interested to read my answer to their questions, you can visit the Arsenal Insider website.

    Back to today's game. …