Staff at the facility is expected to rise to 125 by June

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canada goose outlet toronto factory Lucent?s Inter Networking Systems unit inaugurated its Indian software center in Bangalore on Wednesday. Staff at the facility is expected to rise to 125 by June, and 500 in two years Canada Goose Sale, according to the company.The company says that the Indian division is a key area for Lucent, as it changes from its past focus on circuit switched networks to ones based on data packets, and involving optical and wireless technologies. Lucent, which announced 10 cheap canada goose Canada Goose Outlet Cheap Canada Goose,000 job cuts this year, points out that the cuts were mainly in circuit switching or marketing, whereas the India center will focus on writing software to go with the latest equipment in order to offer complete solutions to customers.The India center, which involved a $10 million investment by Lucent in the first phase, is part of the company?s efforts to bring high end product development to the country. canada goose outlet toronto factory

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