Saskatchewan versus Quebec Trois Rivieres the Patriotes iced a

DETOUR PLANNED Work on the Muddy Run bridge on Fairfield Road in Hamiltonban Township is slated to begin Wednesday, McKenzi Loid, spokesperson for contractors Plenary Walsh Keystone Partners, confirmed Monday. The detour will go into place on Wednesday. Work has been delayed while plans were modified and a new detour was routed and marked.

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wholesale jerseys from china Took in some of the CIS tournament at Sask Place. Saskatchewan versus Quebec Trois Rivieres the Patriotes iced a fairly big team, and did not allow the Huskies much in the way of good scoring chances heading to the final today, St Mary's versus UNB. Decent pace to the hockey, always good to watch a game live if you are in Saskatoon this afternoon, head out to the rink and check out some puck.. wholesale jerseys from china

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