On Monday (April 5), the Los Angeles Times won a Pulitzer for

A Clean Hockey Smell for Two WeeksFor $15, you can enjoy being able to breathe the next time you drive home from practice or a game. Yes, there is the sanitation benefit of killing bacteria and viruses, but lets face it, its getting rid of that awful smell, even temporarily, that makes it worth it. The cost is expensive, especially for a sport that already cuts into college savings.

Meanwhile, as Wal Mart reaches into New York, Los Angeles and other large metropolitan areas, it is attracting new and unwelcome attention in state capitals and from the media. Wal Mart has been criticized for its low wages and meager health benefits. On Monday (April 5), the Los Angeles Times won a Pulitzer for a series of stories on the often hardball tactics that Wal Mart used in becoming the world's largest company.

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