Mixed Emotions, You’re not the only one…

March 10 00:44 2008 Print This Article

Dear Toon Army, We are reaching the most worst season in the last ten years history of a roller coaster ride Newcastle United. Honesty, I never thought we could be end up in this situaton and to read my best folk write so sad match report…

Been read some hapless post on the greatest Toon Forum before I write my own post here, I've seen the Toon Army for the very first time are giving up their hope for the team we love so much and very passionate, as You can read Mungo's post below.

And if you care to read more from his sad post, he write about our next away match at St. Andrews next Monday night:

I will be missing our next away game as well, an 8.00pm kick off on a Monday night in Birmingham.

However, I will be watching it on SKY TV in Benidorm as I am over there from next Saturday until the Tuesday. I wonder how it will feel to witness a defeat in the surroundings of Benidorm? Will it be any easier a pill to swallow? Or how about if we win, will I be happy or sad and annoyed that I wasn't there to witness it?

Emotions confused of Whitley Bay.

More of the mixed emotional writing is come from one of the most passionate Toon Lad I ever know through my 15 years of supporting the Toon. Below is what Macbeth said about the situation we're in now:

For a long time I felt guilty as hell. I had bought our season tickets early, but the club agreed to take them back. When I sealed the envelope to send them back to the club I cried my eyes out.

It is my team, I did used to go. I struggle to claim it as my team at work, cos I'm not even managing to go to home games now, and I remember disliking people who claimed they were fans but didn't actually go.

The other thing that finished me off was the finances web site. Seeing so clearly that we were all being ripped off by an incompetent thieving bastard made it too unpalatable to take. To see greedy players being not caring was too much too.

I want my team back, in all ways.

So guys, whatever the end of season resulting our team status, whether we're staying in the top flight or go down and visit Blackpool instead of Liverpool next season, You're Not the Only One…

Button your lip baby
Button your coat
Lets go out dancing
Go for the throat
Lets bury the hatchet
Wipe out the past
Make love together
Stay on the path

Youre not the only one
With mixed emotions
Youre not the only ship
Adrift on this ocean

Mixed Emotions – © the Rolling Stones

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  1. Relax Max
    March 10, 15:32 #1 Relax Max

    I love this blog. I don’t quite understand it yet, but I am working on that.

    I just stopped by to thank magpies zone for the comment on my new blog. You’re funny. I think.

    But now someone has brought up the subject of Football Chants. Never heard of that. They aren’t vulgar or anything are they? Do you know any I could post? (Just bullbaiting here.)

    If, on the other hand, football chants ARE vulgar, then I would ESPECIALLY encourage you to post some for me. If you have the knackers for it. (That’s the word you folks taught me yesterday.)

    britishspeak.blogspot.com is me. You too, I hope.

  2. handi
    May 25, 03:41 #2 handi

    nice post brother……….

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