If You Have to Pick One, Duff or N’ Zogbia?

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Apologies for PROBABLY starting an uneccessary post, anyway, I digress. Just had an argument with a mate of mine and I reckon it could apply to a few on here as well?


We play Duff at outside left and we play Zog at left back. The reason is obvious, our current and previous managers feel that they MUST find a place in the team for both players.

Result of not playing both would result in either Duff and most definitely Zog demanding a transfer if they were to become a permanent fixture on the subs bench.

Most professional players (and I have heard Shearer say this) is that you MUST play your best players on the pitch, even if that sometimes means that occasionally it has to be out of position.

The argument with my mate stemmed over the fact that Zog is being played at left back – however he is a big fan of Duff playing on the left.

My argument with him is that if he wants a ‘natural' left back to play in that position – i.e. the one we have just paid ¬£6m for, then what does he expect to do with Zog, because he doesn't want to drop Duff for Zog but he feels that Zog is too good a player not to be found a place in the team?

I jokingley suggested to him that we perhaps play them both as left wingers and do away with a right winger altogether? Or perhaps play either one of them on the left and the other as a right winger, designed to cut inside, a bit like we played Milner on his ‘wrong' side on the left?

Trouble is, my mate doesn't want to drop Milner either and feels he should be found a place in the starting eleven as well.

With hindsight, we should never have bought Duff when we already had Zog, but I didn't hear too many complaints from this BBS at the time when we did sign him. However, now that we have both and as I say, both experienced professionals now and neither would settle for the bench, one of them has to go in the summer.

Probaly Zog cos he is making the most waves to get away. To sum up, next game against Blackburn, if we were to play a natural left back and drop Zog to the bench, would you be happy? Or if we played a natural left back and played Zog outside left, would there still be people complaining that he didn't play Duff?

The mini crisis we are in this season, should see BOTH players accepting what is best for the team. Whatever that is? You tell me? Comments are welcome!

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