Frontline MagazineOne of the top news magazines in India

Such actions are commonly the result of fear of losing or damaging the relationships of their team, therefore not using the powers that are required by a leader and replacing them with money and/or gifts. The ability to get onto the correct path for creating your own effective leadership style stems from within the individual, for realizing that it is the followers who recognize if a leader is successful is the first step. Share the glory with your team, but keep the pains to yourself.

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The magazine published by the Worldwide Media, a joint venture between BBC Worldwide and The Times Group. Femina annually sponsored the Femina Miss India which is a national beauty pageant competition in India and Femina Look of the Year contest.Frontline MagazineOne of the top news magazines in India. The magazine published by the Hindu.Tehelka MagazineOne of top selling weekly news magazine in India, covering lifestyles, current affairs, business and economy, culture and society, national and international news, and more.Screen IndiaCinema and entertainment are what make millions of Indians come together as one.

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