Football Is Different To When Keegan Was Last Manager?

And the terms of he'll never succeed because he doesn't understand it was bollocks, great big bollocks. Now, take if you will, Keegan's last side – the one who beat Spurs 7-1 and imagine them playing the current Liverpool team. Who do you think would win that match?


Of course, those players are now history, but Keegan isn't. He's our manager. Football was and still is a game where 11 play 11 and attempt to win through outmastering the opposition with better skill and endeavour. That hasn't changed.

What has changed?

The players may be better cinditioned, but I doubt that the difference in fitness is that much different. For instance, how do you think Les Ferdinand then would compare to Mark Viduka now? I think we all know the answer to that.

And skill? Do you think that Joe Cole, for example, is much more skillful than Peter Beardsley or David Ginola? Of course to bollocks he's not. It's preposterous to even suggest it really!

So, what has changed?

Teams are meant to be full of better players further down the league, but are they? Could this not simply be a trick of the mind?

No, this ‘the league is so different now Keegan will never stand a chance' mantra is quite simply mythical arse talk. Football played with skill and effort will always win. It hasn't changed. Keegan understands that.

Who is promoting this myth? It needs binning and fast, do you disagree?

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