FA Cup 3rd Round Replay – Preview

I’m expecting some fun tonight, OK Stoke will be big and direct – brilliant, there is no way we’ll cope with this very brainy tactic so we’ll have to counter it. We have no players apart from my team. This team can only play one way – attack.

I honestly can not see any other way for us but to go 100% at them. Go at them with every damn thing we’ve got. Width, pace, passing, dribbling, hold up play, clinical finishing – we have all of this in our locker.

Put it another way, excluding Baye and Faye, it could be argued that this is our best eleven! In fact excluding these two I think this is our best eleven – oh how BFFSA would mock. Maybe someone could put an argument for Martins and I’d have sympathy with this.

Butt out, Smith out – this has got to be good, both are in terrible form or is it that they are just crap? Playing a big fellow with Owen this is good. Two central midfielders given the instruction to be free and to look forward – excellent!

There is no point in babying a hopeless defence, lets just for once use better players as the team talk and tell them, enjoy it, it’s a lovely mild winter evening and being a professional footballer is the perfect life. Forget about yesterday, tomorrow will take care of itself.

I think if we click into a gear we will murder these feckers. Howay the lads!!!!

Newcastle United Team Lineup:

Harper (Given: Dropped)

Carr(it breaks my heart but so be it) Taylor(we’re gonna need this lad tonight), (Capaca, Rozy – I’m not arsed either way, who’s mincing do you prefer, Boy George or Julian Clary?), Enrique ( hmmm, I’m 90% sure he’s not up to it but let’s hope he has a good game)

Milner(right), Emre(playing his natural game), N’Zogbia(central), Duff(left)

Viduka(bit fat and slow), Owen(his heads gone because he’s at a joke club for me)

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