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    Kevin Keegan Was Never Afraid to Sell Anyone

    Various stories for the last couple days have re-emerged regarding some of Toon players future at St. James's Park. The likes of James Milner, Damien Duff and Emre have been on the tabloids headline as the potential players to leave United next season.

    These series of rumours have been connected by the fact that Newcastle will do a heavy cut of player wages and make reinforcement to build younger and fresher team squad. The sale …

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    We Are Not Testing the Water or Anything Else

    If anyone would take this utterly nonsense and completely self-deluded journalism as real then they must test their brain. I also would like to send a warning to that scum journalist who wrote the article to go to the doctor immediately.


    No wonder Keegan has ban all Newcastle United players to talk to any press after the Everton match, as those journalists would love to write them as a Toon insider. The Scum has made …

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    Newcastle Is Closer to London Than Middlesbrough

    When talking about the highest level of diplomacy in football over the past decades, Kevin Keegan must be the mastermind of negotiating with player, as long as he was the one who is in full charge.

    It may be long enough and probably not suit enough to todays way of negotiate, but I still think that the King still has the charismatic performance when dealing with player, he still has that magic of influence and …

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    Michael James Owen Could Become Toon First Summer Signing

    Despite being injured for most of his time with Newcastle, YMO is still one of Newcastle player that being highly praise by Kevin Keegan and was his biggest priority to have sign for Toon this summer.

    Although his appearance for Newcastle since his £16million signing from Real Madrid in 2005, restricted to only 37 league starts, Keegan is insist that Owen can become “one of the Tyneside greats” and identified as his priority this summer …

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    Handling the Football Administration Behind the Scenes

    Speaking about how many transfer kitty that the top four would spend in the summer is like a daydreaming story for most of us, an ordinary supporters, who have to work all day and all night to collect pennies just for a ticket in weekend to see our team playing.


    These are coming the sunday newspapers and many of them circulating the old and new speculations about the premierships team summer transfers. From News Of …