Kevin Keegan

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  • Kevin Keegan Stay as the Manager of Newcastle United

    Thanks God! Finally after some very depressing hours that almost blow up this world, the official club has made the statement that the Messiah is still Newcastle United manager for the very long term.

    We are all would never know the truth behind all these messy news report but frankly I didn't want to know, at least for now, because what I want and definetely all the Toon Army globally wanted too is now clear, …

  • Sign Up if you love the TOON, re-United for KEVIN KEEGAN

    Although no cinfirmation or the club official statement so far about the future of King Kev, but the press are all over the world reporting the news about his resignation from Newcastle United following of what so called a disagreements between Keegan and United boards, especially Dennis Wise and co.

    One of genuine Toon Army has set-up a petition online demanding Removal of Denis Wise and Mike Ashley from Newcastle United FC. SIGN THE

  • Kevin Keegan facing Newcastle United crossroads

    Seriously lads and lasses, this kind of story was the very last thing that I want to read at this moment. After being slight relieve on Toon's last juvenile deadline signings last night, I don't want to see Keegan walk away from the club today.

    Mind you, all the press today are busy reporting and updating the news, but deep inside I hope MA will keep and calm him down. I can not imagine what …

  • Milner wants out after United board reject his demand for new contract

    I was nearly rare to say something good to United board, and only for an exception is when Sir John Hall was still incharge at the club. But today, I have to say I admire the United hierarchy decision to James Milner to stuck with his original deal, which still has three years to run.


    That news was came from Chronicle's pundit Alan Oliver and his “insider”, who also literally not so popular among …

  • Newcastle United down again at Ono Stadium

    In a match were Jonas Gutierrez finally made his debut with Newcastle on the left flank at the home of his old club, United has made a losing start to the Mallorca Summer Cup, down 1-0 to Hertha Berlin.

    With Keegan apparently still desperate to seal another new signings for Newcastle, He has seen (again) his depleted side went down and losing the chance to the final.

    This is our second away lost in the …