James Milner

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    James Milner Could Have His Part on Monday Night

    United winger James Milner has been sidelined since picked up bad foot injury in the 3-0 defeat by Liverpool at Anfield on March. But Keegan has told him that he will have the chance to get involve in United last two matches this season.


    “He’s got a lot going for him. Like one or two players now, he’s found himself on the outside just by circumstance, and the fact the team’s put a run together.” …

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    James, James, James Milner!!! There’s Only One James Milner!!!

    This is not just about how good he is as a footballer, actually not just good, he is a great footballer for Newcastle United this season and his future with Black-and-White will be shining bright. This one is a real story from a friend of mine who is accidently meet James Milner while doing a shopping for Christmas.


    Mungo, a good friend of mine from the NotBBC forum was doing his incredible shopping list at …

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    Congratulations to James Milner!

    James Milner today was named the winner of The Prince’s Trust North East Young Player of the Year. This award can be the first step for Milner on his own goal to become the part of England senior team squad.

    James Milner; images courtesy of AP and BBC

    James Philip Milner born January 4, 1986 in Wortley, and raised in Horsforth, Leeds. As a child, Milner was recognised as a talent in football, cricket and long distance running. He represented his school in …