Charles N’Zogbia

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    What is Wrong with Charles N’Zogbia

    Wise men ever said once that something which is started bad can be end-up bad. Maybe they have telling you the truth and in this case, I'm talking about Charles N'Zogbia and his future with Newcastle United.


    For most of the last recent weeks, there were plenty of new speculations about whether he will stay in Keegan's revolutionary program or he will be seeing the exit door in the summer this year. Charles still have …

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    If You Have to Pick One, Duff or N’ Zogbia?

    Apologies for PROBABLY starting an uneccessary post, anyway, I digress. Just had an argument with a mate of mine and I reckon it could apply to a few on here as well?


    We play Duff at outside left and we play Zog at left back. The reason is obvious, our current and previous managers feel that they MUST find a place in the team for both players.

    Result of not playing both would result in …

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    Actim Index, N’Zogbia Still Hang On 7th

    What is Actim Index? Actim Index was being calculated by several factors of the game that any player get involve in. The Index is the official player rating system of the English Premier League and Coca-Cola Championship. for the 2004/05 season and was devised by statisticians at the University of Salford in partnership with PA Sport. In the 2006/07 season, the Index was enhanced by the addition of assists and clean sheets to the …

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    New Praise for Youngster N’Zogbia

    N’Zogbia once ever told that he wants to leave Newcastle United and join other club that he feels would be better for his carreer and can help him developed into big player in the future. But now he feels that the club to help him is the one and only United.

    Charles N’Zogbia

    I think most of Newcastle players this season would feel the same like Zog. The situation has been change drastically and we are heading …