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  • Shearer Turns His Sight To Southampton?

    After the news about he is being rejected by Kevin Keegan as the United number two, there's new rumour about he was one of the bookers favorite as the new manager of Southampton to succeed George Burley.

    imageGlenn Hoddle is also mentioned as the other candidate to manage the Football League Championship Division club. The Saints were relegated from the Premiership in 15 May 2005, following a 2-1 home defeat to Manchester United, that ends …

  • Kevin Keegan Says No To Alan Shearer

    BBC report reveals today that Newcastle manager Kevin Keegan has confirmed that Alan Shearer will not be his assistant – but insists he could still have a role with the club.

    I have personally thought that the posibility of Big Al as King Kev assistant was as thin as skin couple days ago, and it comes to even worst when Shearer's told the Sun couple days ago that he didn't see Newcastle as the only …

  • Shearer Apparently Only Want To Be Number One

    With the further talks with Newcastle United new boss Kevin Keegan is on hold until next Friday, Shearer added new flame on his relationship with the club and the man who brought him back to Newcastle.


    Speaking up with the Sun, the Toon legend said he is not only interested in managing at St James' Park and he could consider a move into management away from Tyneside.

    “Why would I say that Newcastle will be …

  • Keegan and Shearer On Board, Sink Or Swim

    At present, both have the most influence in Newcastle United's recent history and their own egos probably the oil and water who are hard to mixed in together.


    While the possibility is seems miles away, the pairing of King Kev and Big Al would perform a dream team only if each one of them can think of one goal which is the most successful Newcastle United.

    At the moment, the media report suggesting that Shearer …

  • Step Inside if You Want to Help Newcastle United

    Speculations about Shearer will come or not will never stop until the man himself said anything about it. This time Toon legend is in silent mode, just like Michael Owen when the heavy Southern media junkies are reporting about his contract at United last year.


    Whether or not the Big Al will be United 7th manager in the last 10 years at St. James' Park remains in the air, and will not helping the Toon …

  • Alan Shearer Is Welcome If He Wants To Make A Return

    Toon legend Alan Shearer remains silent despite the heavy news recently name him as the leading candidate to replace Big Sam this month.


    His mate at BBC Alan Hansen, former Liverpool defender said that Shearer could bring the respect back to Newcastle if he make return as United boss. In my honest opinion, Shearer could be usefull addition to the club management but in the capacity as an assistant to Sam Allardyce not as his …

  • Newcastle’s Great Match From the Past

    Since there's nothing interested me to write or about to give my opinion recently, I was looking around to find any interesting videos to post in here. I have found one which is related to my Great Matches page.

    This video is about the magnificent 7 goals festive against Tottenham Hotspurs. The game was played on December 28, 1996, the year when we were one of the title contenders. The great cavalry team with delightful …

  • Newcastle United Injury Curse Started since 1893

    Well, injury in football was not a new thing. The most closely thing to every football players beside an air-filled sphere with a circumference of 68–70 cm (or 27–28 inches), a weight of 410–450g (or 14–16 ounces), inflated to a pressure of 60–110 kPa (or 8.5–15.6 psi) thingy, was the injury ghosts.

    Newcastle United has suffering from injury hit lists for many years, even for hundred years since the club first competitive match after being …

  • Shearer Speaks: Sam needs time

    Who has the more powerful voices over the Toon Army? Is it Mike Ashley who own the club, Chris Mort or Sam Allardyce?

    Alan ShearerThe answer is none of them has the character and charisma to cool down the hot-blood Geordies.

    Yesterday's result once again have causing the havoc and critism over Sam Allardyce's tactical mis-judgement against the ordinary Reading team.

    Coming to Madejski stadium with multi-millions pound, highly paid players squad, Big Sam can only …

  • Shearer Speaks About His Former England Team-mate

    Alan Shearer has speak again to defend his former England team-mate Michael Owen about the recent press and some fans critism. He said that Owen is happy to play for Newcastle and he will delivering more goals for the club.

    Shearer is commented on the official website about how he couldn’t understand why Owen has been critism about playing for his country. He says that there’s no such a crime for any player from any …