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There are two possible origins for the soot at the K/Pg boundary: wildfires21,27 and impact target rock28,29. The amount of the stratospheric soot estimated here includes the soot from both wild fires and impact target rock. We postulate that all of the stratospheric soot was sourced from the target rock in Chicxulub, Mexico in the model calculation, because (1) most soot particles from present day wildfire emissions are injected in the troposphere but not into the stratosphere30, and (2) the sedimentary organic molecule composition indicates the same source for the PAHs from the troposphere and stratosphere, suggesting an enormous cloud of smoke from the Chicxulub crater (see “Origin of soot” in Discussion).ResultsCombusted PAHsCoronene, a six ring PAH, is a hydrocarbon derived geochemical diagnostic for combustion.

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