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The points to be positive about Newcastle United this season 1

These are the positives as I see them (about Newcastle United). You could add in that Tiote and Coloccini weren’t sold, but I think that’s best not considered a plus

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If Premierleague Clubs Were Bands… 1

Arsenal – Arctic Monkeys Just old enough to go to the shops on their own. Prizewinners. Aston Villa – Maroon 5 Inoffensive nobodies. Birmingham – Slade Wrong, just wrong. Blackburn

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Football Is Different To When Keegan Was Last Manager? 3

And the terms of he’ll never succeed because he doesn’t understand it was bollocks, great big bollocks. Now, take if you will, Keegan’s last side – the one who beat

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Have We Landed On Our Feet By Turn To KK 0

Mourinho would have been exciting and would have created a real sense of expectation. Few would have argued with it and we would have been lauded in the football world

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