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March 13 04:18 2008 Print This Article

If we go down, we go down. What will it mean? If we stay up NUFC have a monumental building job to do; a job requiring money brains and time. If we go down NUFC have a monumental building job to do; a job requiring money brains and time.

Humiliation resulting from relegation is a fear for some, I laugh in the face of humiliation. I remember Hereford, I still feel the pain of 74 oooohhh; 76-78. The wilderness years – the bad old days before 82-89. Oh shit man! take ya pick of the premier league years, 12 points, the Charity Shield, Lisbon & Cardiff, Alkmaar, Birmingham 5, on and on it goes. Every year there is a horrible kick in goolies.

I don’t think the slow dim-witted flabby old beast that is NUFC put on a reality check starvation diet of the lower league will be all that bad. A number of poisons will be lanced and boy do they need lancing! Without this purification I fear the same old same old spiral just going on forever and a day. I do not fear for NUFC in that lower league one tiny wee bit.

Matchdays are shite. The crowd are old and bitter and beyond spontaneity or wit. We sit in the same seats surrounded by the same defeated bastards and we moan and whinge and it’s dull, boring and apathy inducing. Apathy is the most horrible word there is to describe a mob watching NUFC.

We need the younger generation desperately, the younger generation who can not afford stupid-as-feck prices. I think clearing out a MASSIVE percentage of old farts is very very necessary. Our new bloody horrible lop sided ground without any acoustic charm has never really took off – well maybe once or twice but not often. Relegation will open up seats for people to sit together and they’ll create something fresh and joyous I’m sure.

If Cashley is just a chancer then he’ll off ski. So! NUFC is for life it is not only a hobby for a rich man. (I hate Fatso for saying NUFC was merely a hobby – the sh*tbas*ard sh*theed!) If he is committed then I repeat – the job requires money, brains and time. What good is money without brains and time. Cashley will have two choices, roll up his sleeves and work at NUFC or engineer a parting. Relegation will clear up this current tip-toeing half-arsed uncertainty.

As for our premier league players – hahaha! Honestly I take a sadist’s delight in seeing them having to endure this torture. These cartoon arseholes that have to work for a living is kind of fascinating. These men divorced by miles from what you and I have to do.

Emre and Viduka I respect, they have just thought fuck this for a game of soilders, but Taylor and Butt and Given and Duff and Owen and many many others. Fecking great! Professional footballers are wankers and seeing wankers in a childlike bewilderment is most amusing. Get rid!

Younger vibrant crowd, Honesty and commitment from our owner or not, and a new team – comprising of players with fire!

Relegation does not frighten me.

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