Now What You Would Say About Kevin Keegan?

Posted by: shearyadi · March 31, 2008 · Comment 

I know we are just having two wins since he made the shocking return to English football league, and most of the media and those who commited themself as the football expert have been said he made a big mistake and he will failed again because the game is now totally different than his previous years with Newcastle. I’m telling you, they are totally wrong about King Kev.

Interesting how the media can make such …

Pictures from Tottenham vs Newcastle United Match

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Toon! Toon! Black and White Army!!! Toon! Toon! Black and White Army!!! My throat still hurt after yelling the whole game yesterday but it’s really worth it as we have the most memorable win this season and the first game that we have watch end up with a very big smile on our face!

Below are the pictures ( sorry about the quality ;) ) from Bandung and Jakarta when the Indo Toon Army gathering together …

Spurs (1) vs Newcastle United (4) Post Match Review

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Magpies Zone welcoming Citizen Vain, my new Toon friend from the internet and his first article for my blog. I meet this lad from one of social networking site and I was very glad to have meet a fellow Toon Army from blogging.

This is the beauty of making a Blog about something that you really love and not just following someone else success in blogging about making money. My new mate from Vainzine is …

Now That’s What I Call Walking In a Keegan Wonderland

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Terrific game, cracking performance, highly dedicated players give Newcastle United the greatest victory from all the rare wins we have seen this entire season.

We should have taken the earlier lead when Woodgate is so kindly to give the ball to Habib Beye inside the penalty area, too bad his left-footed strike only meet the crossbar, good effort and surely warm-up the game, as both side began to threatening each other side.

But it was …

What Happening Down There is the Battle Continued

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Surprise, surprise…the biggest surprise of the week is almost happening yesterday when the bottom team Bolton Wanderers was almost gave a total humiliation to the Gooners when they have lead by two goals and have Diabi sent-off at Reebok stadium.

So, the bottom rocks are still struggling and thanks God to Pompeys for killing off Wigan and to Rovers who held Reading at their own homeland.

Too bad for useless Manchester City and West Ham, …

howay the lads