1 This study by Wilde adds to this body of knowledge by helping

They were constantly aware of the flow of urine through their catheters and paid attention to when their bags needed emptying and when urine drainage seemed obstructed.Qualitative research has not previously been done on the experience of having an indwelling urethral catheter. Several studies have explored the experiences of incontinence from a qualitative perspective.1 This study by Wilde adds to this body of knowledge by helping healthcare practitioners understand the unique situations that patients face in dealing with an indwelling catheter to manage incontinence.Generally, the methodology of this phenomenological inquiry is strong.These findings have implications for nurses caring for patients with urinary incontinence. Indwelling catheterisation is usually considered a last resort because of the high incidence of complications, the number of other interventions that are available, and Replica Designer Handbags, as this study shows, the profound impact on the person's life.2 Nurses must advocate for better options for the management of urinary incontinence.

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